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Dr. Kyle specializes in Chiropractic Care and Functional Fitness.

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Increased Alignment in Your Bones & Muscles

Together, Chiropractic Care and Functional Fitness create a rhythm of loosened, aligned bones and muscles, working together to create healthy movement and perfect posture.Afterward, the stage is set for functional fitness to work as your body can tackle new physical challenges.

Increased Flexibility & Range of Motion

Chiropractic adjustments pave the way for spinal health, ensuring nerve pathways are unobstructed and energy flows freely. This means increased flexibility and range of motion. Move better then feel better.

Increased Muscle Recruitment & Joint Function

The alignment achieved through chiropractic care not only improves flexibility and range of motion but also muscle recruitment and joint function during functional exercises. While you dive into squats, lunges, and kettlebell swings, your body will respond like a well-oiled machine, firing on all cylinders. With each adjustment and every fitness routine you experience with Dr. Kyle, you're also rewriting your body's story!

Chiropractic Care

Structural Correction Chiropractic - a highly successful form of treatment - is at the heart of Dr. Kyle’s work. Chiropractic care is not just about adjustments but reshaping your spinal structure entirely.

Functional Fitness Training

You will dive into three aspects of fitness: Mobility and Flexibility, Cardiovascular training, and Resistance and Strength training.

But here's the twist that makes Dr. Kyle unique: he’s here to perfect your posture.

He wants to teach you how to move with perfect posture because he knows how posture can affect every aspect of your body for the better!

Hear What Others Have to Say

“Right off the bat, I received the calmest, warmest welcome from the staff. I’ve never had chiropractic work, so I was very nervous and anxious, but they made me feel comfortable in seconds. They made sure I knew everything they were explaining to me and were not only friendly but very humorous about it all. I can’t wait to go back and continue our work! Thank you for all that you do!”

- Kyle Suchanek

“I have been coming to the Spine and Wellness clinic for a little over two months. I am almost pain-free. Dr. Kyle has loosened up some very sore muscles in my shoulders that I have had for years and has been able to get my neck adjusted so well that I don't have that chronic neck pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kyle. I am very pleased!”

- Cheryl Sabatier

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